5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (2023)

IsTomb RaiderThe franchise has been revered as one of the most popular video game franchises of the last few decades, starting withTomb Raider1996 when Core Design released the first game. Since then, players have followed the adventures of Lara Croft in more than a dozen games as the world-travelling, gun-wielding British archaeologist pioneered the action-adventure genre. In 2001, it was time to bring Lady Croft to the big screenLara Croft Grabräuberand again in 2003Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life, and Angelina Jolie was chosen to bring her daring personality and sparkling proportions to life.

The films were huge box office hits and certainly entertaining, but they were criticized for their thin plots and over-the-top settings. When the gaming franchise rebooted in 2013, it was time for a new movie and a new heroine to don her thigh holsters. Alicia Vikander took over in 2018 andTomb RaiderIt was a darker, more realistic version of the adventurer's origin story. Here are five reasons whyTomb Raider(2018) is the Perfect Adaptation and Five Why It's Still the Angelina Jolie Movie.



5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (1)

WhyTomb RaiderBased on the 2013 video game of the same name, it acts as a reboot of Lara Croft's early adventures. Offering a reimagined backstory, she stitches together the origins that give her the skills to be the celebrated Tomb Raider fans they know and love.

Instead of meeting Lara Croft as an adult living in an 83-room villa in the English countryside, she is shown as a college student working as a bike courier before getting carried away by the adventure that would compel her to to become an action actress. Heroin.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (2)

The tongue-in-cheek humor of Angelina Jolie's films perfectly captures the sarcasm and sarcasm inherent in Lara Croft, who had a witty commentary for almost every situation in games. And while most films based on video games aren't taken seriously, these films show why they don't have to be when the source material is just as light-hearted.

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By not taking themselves seriously, they can draw on the extravagance of their ridiculous narratives. No scenario is too "over the top" when Jolie herself seems to enjoy mugging for the camera and engaging in outrageously over the top gunfights.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (3)

IsTomb RaiderVideo games have always combined the realistic with the fantastic. Just think of Lara Croft, who can take on a T-Rex with two pistols. Games rebooted in 2013 tried to minimize the fantasy element and focus solely on the gritty realism, whatTomb Raiderdoubles

Gone are the impossible proportions of Lara Croft. Alicia Vikander is a skinny, mean fighting machine. He doesn't drive Aston Martin or Ducatis. He doesn't snarl in a pseudosexual manner when hit, and his tenacity is impressive.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (4)

Maybe it's all the Hollywood packaging and Indiana Jones glee, but there's a real sense of adventure in Angelina Jolie's films. Lara Croft uses almost every form of transportation to get around, from the cold wastes of Siberia to the scorching deserts of Africa.

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Fiercely confident, this Lara Croft has friends in every port from London to Hong Kong and never lets the audience believe they are outnumbered. The fight scenes in both films, which involve everything from base jumping off skyscrapers to supernatural punches, are as redundant as they are highly imaginative.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (5)

While some fans may not feel like Alicia Vikander represents the Lara Croft they remember from the early '90s, it's important to note that she fits the 2013 reboot game very well. Her story has been reimagined, and yet she's no rude grave robber.

Despite this, Vikander does a commendable job playing the new version of Lara Croft, who is unsure of her own abilities but never shys away from her obstacles. The willpower it takes to become the Lara Croft of yesteryear is evident in her performance.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (6)

For everyone who played the first oneTomb Raidergames,Angelina Jolie bears an uncanny resemblance to Lara Croft. With her hypertrophied proportions, thigh-high holsters, skimpy shorts and wavy pigtails, her fantasy comes true for dedicated fans of this iconic aesthetic.

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She also captures Croft's hilarious comment as a child (who appears inTomb Raider: Revelations) was known for her clever comments. In the early games, Lara is bold, brave, sexy, and extremely confident in her abilities as a marksman and archaeologist.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (7)

When writing forTomb RaiderThat's not his forte, he has a certain emotional depth, especially regarding the relationship between Lara Croft and her father, which has always been important. The whole reason Lara becomes a grave robber is related to the mysterious disappearance of her father, played by Dominic West.

The scenes they share together, while not extensive, are surprisingly touching. Even more than that between Angelina Jolie and the man who plays Lord Croft, who turned out to be her real father. But their estranged relationship outside of the film may have something to do with it.


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (8)

Tomb RaiderIt's an origin story movie, so don't expect it to have much to do with grave robbing since Lara Croft has yet to find her calling. But the film's premise reflects the lack of heavy raids and becomes more general.

If Lara Croft isn't a tomb robber, then she's a generic action heroine. Angelina Jolie movies are full of all kinds of grave robbers, including underwater temples. Hell, if Lara isn't raiding real graves, she's set up mock graves in her house to practice on.

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5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (9)

Tomb Raiderseems proud of itAction sequences that have more in common with the Bourne or Mission Impossible movies what they do with itIndiana Jones.They try to abide by the laws of physics, and even the heroine seems to reflect damage from enemies.

Unlike the Angelina Jolie movies, which featured cartoon-like action sequences, the Vikander vehicle would like its audience to believe that a bike messenger could learn enough survival skills to stay alive and eventually find his father. .


5 Reasons The Tomb Raider (2018) Is the Perfect Adaptation (And 5 Reasons They're Still Angelina Jolie's Movies) (10)

Have you heard of Daniel Craig? Gerard Butler? Ian Glen? Ciaran Hinds? Jon Voight? While Angelina Jolie's films can be a testosterone feast, they showcase some of the best talent Britain has to offer. Before becoming James Bond, Daniel Craig played a former archaeologist and Lara's ex-lover, who was replaced by Gerard Butler in the sequel.

And when it comes to villains, Iain Glen (recentlyGame of Thrones)perfectly played the inscrutable Manfred Powell, while Ciaran Hinds (also offGame of Thrones)He played an equally landscape-chewing villain. The dialogue may not have been the best, but these fine gentlemen put it with gusto.

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Why did Angelina Jolie not do Tomb Raider? ›

Angelina Jolie starred in the original Tomb Raider movies and Lara Croft remains one of her most recognizable roles, but the actress says she wasn't always keen on playing the part. Speaking to Collider, Jolie said she was initially hesitant about signing on for the movies, and in fact, she said no at one stage.

Did Angelina Jolie do her own stunts in Lara Croft? ›

One of Angelina Jolie's stunt doubles was a man. Just as in the first film, there are several scenes in which the live-action Lara mimics the computer game version, in particular, a scene in which she climbs around a pagoda and pole vaults to a helicopter.

Was Tomb Raider 2018 a success? ›

The Tomb Raider films may have their flaws, but their success can't be denied. The first film with Angelina Jolie remains one of the highest-grossing videogame film adaptations and the latest film, Tomb Raider (2018) earned an impressive $274 million worldwide. The next film has a lot of potential.

Is Tomb Raider 2018 worth watching? ›

'Tomb Raider' (2018), while far from perfect or one of the year's best films (far from being one of the worst too), turned out to be worth the while. Another case of liking it more than the critics did, while seeing where they're coming from. Will agree with anybody who didn't find the script great.

Did Alex have a crush on Lara Croft? ›

In one of the "documents" found on the island, written by Alex, it is shown that he had a crush on Lara, though the extent of Lara and Alex's relationship isn't really established. They seemed to be on good terms, though Lara was shown to be annoyed by him at times.

What is Lara Croft full name? ›

Lara Amelia Croft was born on Valentine's Day in 1968 and raised at Croft Manor in a world of aristocracy. From age 3 to 11 she had private tutoring.

Who is the best Lara Croft actress? ›

Angelina Jolie first took on the role of Lara Croft with a 2001 movie and a sequel in 2003. While both suffered from negative critical reviews, the movies pleased fans with Jolie winning praise for her turn as the adventurous archaeologist.

Which Angelinas kid dressed like a boy? ›

Meanwhile, Angelina spoke out about Shiloh's androgynous dress sense, saying her daughter considered herself to be 'one of the brothers'. 'She wants to be a boy,' she told Vanity Fair in 2011. 'So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys' everything.

Which of Angelina's kids is in Maleficent? ›

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

When Vivienne was five she starred in Angelina's film Maleficent as the young Aurora to Elle Fanning's character. However, Angelina later said that her youngest daughter's stint as an actress was short-lived. 'Vivienne still can't believe I made her a princess,' Angelina told People.

Was the Tomb Raider reboot successful? ›

Crystal Dynamics however defended Tomb Raider's sales, stating the reboot had the "most successful launch" of any game that year in addition to setting a new record for highest sales in the franchise's history.

What game is Tomb Raider 2018 based on? ›

The plot is loosely based on the 2013 reboot of the video game series, Tomb Raider (2013). It also shares some minor elements of Crystal Dynamics' sequel game, Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015). Duncan Airlie James (Terry the Trainer) is a former six-time world Thai/Kickboxing champion and K-1 fighter.

Is Tomb Raider 2018 a flop? ›

2018's Tomb Raider earned nearly $275 million at the global box office against a reported $160 budget. Back in May, previous owner Square Enix agreed to sell Crystal Dynamics to Swedish company Embracer Group for $300 million.

Is Tomb Raider OK for an 11 year old? ›

This game is ok for ages 9 and up. But it's definitely not for little kids.

What is the best Tomb Raider reboot game? ›

The second game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is easily the best of the trilogy in terms of gameplay, even if its story does stumble a bit. A more robust crafting system was introduced with the sequel, which in turn helped lead to more options during combat.

What is the best looking Tomb Raider game? ›

One of the best-looking games on Xbox 360, Underworld represents the pinnacle of second-phase Lara. In a post-Uncharted world, it was clear Lara and her newly reclaimed puzzling and platforming skills had learned a lot from Nathan Drake.

Who is Lara Croft in love with? ›

Chase Carver | Lara Croft Wiki | Fandom.

What gender is Lara Croft? ›

For most of the first decade of her existence, Lara was lauded as a strong female character — no quotes. But as conversations about depictions of women in media began to evolve, and notions about pop culture tropes began to expand, the early critiques of her character as anti-feminist began to return.

Who can Alex romance? ›

There are two romance options in Life is Strange: True Colors that Alex may choose between. Alex can date either Steph or Ryan, and that's something you'll need to choose by way of different dialogue options.

How old is Lara in Tomb Raider 1? ›

Who is Lara Crofts best friend? ›

Samantha "Sam" Nishimura is an American filmmaker and Lara Croft's best friend. She serves as the Director/Translator for the documentary about the search for Yamatai.

Why does Lara Croft have a British accent? ›

10yr British actress Camilla Luddington was the voice of the new Laura Croft. She was born and raised in Ascot, Berkshire. She went to an American school in England and spent a lot of time in America. Maybe that chnaged her accent, but they did get a British actress.

What is Lara Croft's favorite food? ›

A: Lara Croft's favorite food is beans on toast.

Is Lara Croft better than Nathan Drake? ›

Wiz: Lara and Nathan have both displayed impressive feats of strength, durability, agility, and weapon skills, but Lara tended to have the edge in every category.

Is Lara Croft left handed? ›

According to reports, the "Tomb Raider" heroine needed a left-handed gun made just for her role as Lara Croft. Movie enthusiasts say if you watch her films carefully, it's obvious she's left-handed. Kermit the Frog can fool you for a righty, but he's a southpaw Muppet at heart.

What surgery did Shiloh Jolie have? ›

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Underwent Hip Surgery

While Jolie did not name Shiloh as the daughter who had hip surgery in her essay, this served as visual confirmation that it was Shiloh who underwent this operation, not Vivienne.

How many kids are biologically Angelinas? ›

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have six children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may no longer be together, but they're still the proud parents of six incredible children.

Is Knox a boy Angelina? ›

The Oscar winning actress was spotted out with her son, Knox, in New York City in mid-June, and drew some major comparisons to his dad, Brad Pitt.

How many Tomb Raiders did Angelina Jolie make? ›

Angelina Jolie portrayed Lara Croft in two Tomb Raider movies from 2001-2003.

Was Lara Croft based on Angelina Jolie? ›

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a 2001 action adventure film based on the Tomb Raider video game series featuring the character Lara Croft, portrayed by Angelina Jolie.
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Produced byLawrence Gordon Lloyd Levin Colin Wilson
StarringAngelina Jolie Jon Voight Iain Glen Noah Taylor Daniel Craig
16 more rows

Why does Jonah look different in shadow of the Tomb Raider? ›

Jonah appears to have lost a good amount of weight by the events of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, appearing noticeably slimmer. It's likely that he went through domestic violence, claiming that he had to protect his late brother from their father.

Did Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp not get along? ›

While some claimed that they couldn't stand each other, others said that Angie and Depp are good friends, and some even alleged an affair between the two. It is not certain how true the last thing was but once rumours were afloat that Johnny couldn't ever stop crushing on Jolie ever since their union for the film.


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