Breathing exercises for Irish flute players and denunciation (2023)

If you listen to any of theGreat Irish flute playersYou will notice that everyone has one thing in common and pulmonary power.Good breathing control is absolutely fundamental for a good flute or whistle.

As an Irish player of flute or can, dominating your breath is the most important step to master your instrument.

Being a flute and whistle player, I understand the need for resistance: You must stay in power in an Irish session and these tips will make you play for hours!Irish flutesIn particular, it requires a little more breathing than the standardBoehm system flutes.

I know you are going to breathe very well without even thinking about it, but the control of the breathing necessary to play a wind instrument is a bit different.In this blog, I will explain about a good breathing technique, including my four main advice.And how to apply it to your game.

I will also provide three simple breathing exercises that will help you improve your breathing control and increase your lung capacity.These proven and proven exercises will help you control your breathing, your instrument and your game.

Therefore, follow my recommended regime and will soon have lung energy to match the great greats.

Good breathing technique explained: the great erroneous concept

Singers and wind players are often told to "breathe from the diaphragm."This is a total absurd.

Its diaphragm is a muscle involved in the breathing process, yes, but it is involved whether or not you want.What this instruction really means is to breathe deeply that your lungs completely fill.

Think about your lungs like two great balloons.When they breathe, they expand.To allow enough space in its thoracic cavity to happen, two important things happen:

  • Its thoracic box moves up and out.

  • His diaphragm contracts and falls.

In other words, his body leaves space for inflamed lungs.

An easy to verify if he is breathing correctly (yes, he can do it wrong) is to put his hand gently in his stomach.

If you feel your stomach if you draw, you are cutting the potential space for the lungs to expand, which means that they will not be filled with so much air.This is called superficial breathing or clavicular respiration.

Superficial breathing simply means that their lungs are not filling with enough air.This may allow you to feel weak or dizzy after prolonged game periods.scientifically provento beBad for your health.

Tips for a good breath while playing the Irishflute

  1. Breathe and salt from your mouth.Breathing by the nose is reserved for circular breathing and this is a story for another day.

  2. Good posture.If you are sitting, you feel standing.If you fad, please!Try not to play with the flute that rests on your shoulder, regardless of which bright flute player you saw with style.Whistle players should avoid playing with the rejected chin or hidden elbows.

  3. Do not lift your shoulders when you inspire.Their ears are not alone and do not need visitors.

  4. Be sure to feel that your stomach expands, as if you eat a great meal.If your stomach is contracted, your lungs are not full of enough air.

The three most powerful breathing exercises

So how can you improve your breathing control and increase your lung capacity?Exercise.No, I'm not talking about a race.Yes, cardio is excellent for your lungs, but that's not what I mean.

The breathing exercises will help you master your breathing technique and bring the best of its reproduction.Another Irish flute player or whistle with a large command on his instrument also has an excellent breath command.

One of the best things to breathe exercise is how affordable they are.They can even be practiced without an instrument.Of your game.

1. Counting exercise

Here is a simple exercise that I like to use.It is guaranteed to improve your breathing control.It will also help develop a common sense of pulse and rhythm.metronomeTo help him.Select a speed of 60 bpm (beats per minute):

  • Breathe slowly through your mouth while 4 in your head.

  • Exhale slowly for 4 beats, with a prolonged sound of "sss" of sibilants.So, like a snake!

  • Breathe again for 4 beats.

  • Slowly expire to a "SSS" sound for 8 rhythms.

  • Keep breathing for only 4 beats at the same time, but increase the exhalation count with 4 additional beats every time you exercise, then 12 beats, 16 beats, etc.

  • See how far you can go and observe while building a breathing control.

After mastering this, replace the "SSS" sound with a "SSH" to a real challenge.

Finally, add your flute and replace the whistle with a single step (B is the best rating to be used for this exercise), focusing on producing a clear and uniform tone.And if it is reaching an still consistent air flow.

2. Eight exercise

Respiratory exercise can also go hand in hand with the improvement tone.There are numerous options and combinations available.

I like to use the following exercise to obtain a balanced and uniform tone in the two records of the flute and whistle.metronomeat 78 bpm and breathe quickly after each bar or set of three notes.

Ascendant:Breathing exercises for Irish flute players and denunciation (1)

This simple eighth exercise is based on a larger scale.

Starting with the lower degree, it simply touches a D Low D, followed by a high D and then returns to D under D, alternating between octaves.I continue this pattern for each scale note.

You must exploit continuous breathing to play these notes.You want to make sure your breathing is consistent and that you are not clicking on individual releases.

Move clean and smoothly between the octaves and make sure you don't use tongue stops, glots, cuts or any other form of articulation to separate the notes.

You must slightly adjust your embacada to guarantee a light tone and a precise adjustment in the high notes.


Breathing exercises for Irish flute players and denunciation (2)

After reaching the top D, it is time to launch the descendant prayer.Stay concentrate on achieving a strong and clear tone.It is clear that there is no confusion or a phosphorus sound.

Try to make sure that you are not panting.It is important to learn to take quick and efficient breaths that fill your lungs.

3. Advanced exercise

After improving the air flow between the octaves, it is time to increase a bit.

Security warning: This exercise must be reproduced at a faster rate to avoid fainting!Set your metronome in 120 bpm.


Breathing exercises for Irish flute players and denunciation (3)

This exercise transforms the entire scale into a fluid phrase without breathing between the bars.

The ascending scale is now a fluid phrase to be touched using a long breath, and the descendant is the other.


Breathing exercises for Irish flute players and denunciation (4)

Keep in mind that this exercise has changed to 3/4 instead of 4/4, since it no longer needs to take a break in the return to the low qualification.

After improving it, you can slow down your rhythm to give your lungs a real training.This must be slowed as it improves; therefore, the BPM decreases to its metronomy by 10 increases.

IMPORTANT!If you feel dizzy after playing for a long time (which can happen in the initial stage), hold and pause.

How long until lace?

If you only practice the first simple exercise daily, you will see a great improvement in your lung power in less than three months.

Imagine the progress you will make if you practice the three!

With this new ability, dominate its reproduction, it will accelerate in a short time and can follow the best of them.

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