How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (2023)

Steam Cloud provides an easy and transparent way to save your game data in a remote storage system.The files specified in the automatic cloud configuration or if they are registered on the disc automatically replicate on the Steam Cloud servers (using the cloud API) after the game exists.

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This is particularly useful if the user changes their computer.The progress of the game will be resumed by the cloud's API or reading directly from the album.The files will be automatically downloaded before the game version, since it will have already inserted their Steam credentials.Main work.ofSteam cloudIt ensures that all files are synchronized in all computers that a user is using.

more recent.

What are the different methods to use the steam cloud?

Steam offers two different methods to use the steam cloud.

First, it is Steam's cloud.A cloud API provides a series of functions that allow it to directly integrate Steam's cloud into your game.It also provides better control over the Steam cloud as a whole.

The second is the automatic steam cloud.This feature was mainly designed for inherited games, where it was difficult to use the cloud API.It is a quick way to start with Steam's cloud, but it does not have the flexibility and energy that Steam Cloud's API provides.

It is recommended that developers use the cloud's API instead of the Steam automatic cloud, as it provides deeper and deeper and effective customization.It allows you to make the most of Steam's cloud.

How to resolve a steam cloud conflict?

There is a Steam Cloud conflict when the Steam Cloud content does not correspond to its local game files stored on its hard drive.This can occur in the machine that I was using at that time or may have occurred on another machine before the file that has been modified in two different locations without synchronization between them has been made, Steam cannot determine which file to maintain.

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You will probably choose the file that has been modified more recently.Configuring that the last developments are kept in their game.You must carefully inspect the data seen in the window.Steam.This context can help you determine which version conserves.

Keep in mind that playing games online will prevent your games from synchronizing and this is the most likely cause of Steam Cloud conflict.

What happens if Steam can't synchronize files with the cloud?

This error indicates that Steam could not synchronize its local files with the Steam cloud.It can be a temporary problem that Steam Cloud servers may be facing.You can verify the state of Steam Cloud on the Steam website to ensure that the problem is on your side.

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If Steam Cloud's service is perfectly operational, it means that the problem is at the end.You can verify yourSteam connectionand solve problems.You can also verify if you only have problems synchronizing with the Steam cloud.

If you ignore the message and click "Play Game", this can cause a possible conflict between local archives and the Steam cloud.It can also lead to loss of progress and game data.

What happens if I lose a file or progress after moving to a different computer?

If you are losing your last progress and has marked twice if the game is using the Steam cloud using the configuration, it means that Steam could not synchronize your data successfully or synchronization has turned out that their previous data were sent to the Non UV load.

It is possible that its original file or progress is still in the oldest machine and could not synchronize.You may begin Steam on this computer, your progress will be shown.If this will happen, it will be automatically updated in all other machines connected to your steam account.

In addition, many games do not use the ease of Steam Cloud.You can verify the official page of the game if Steam Cloud Support is available.If not and does not have access to the oldest machine, it means that its progress is lost and there is no way to recover it.

How to delete stored files on Steam Cloud servers?

Steam Cloud is used to back up each progress of your game so that your progress is not lost if you access any other computer.You can confirm that the cloud is saving its progress using the following method.

Make sure your game is backup.

  1. Open yoursSteam customer.Air youSettingsPressing the Steam button present in the upper left corner of the window and selecting the option.
  2. Open theCloud guidePresent on the left side of the screen.Verify the option "Activate Steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit it"It is reviewed.
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  3. Then clickLibrary GuidePresent on the upper side of the Steam client.Here all your games will be listed.
  4. RIGHT -CLIC IN THEgameand selectproperties.In then, navigate toUpdatesGuide present at the top of the window.
  5. Here at the bottom of the window, you will see an option "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for [game name]". Very if the option isverified.
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If you have both options activated, it means that your game is being compatible with Steam Cloud and we can also delete the data.

What is the backup mechanism?

The first thing you should know is that there are three versions of the game data saved.

  • The original version is stored in the Appdata folder (D1).
  • The cloud version is stored in Steam/Userdata/Steamid/Appid (Hit).
  • The cloud version stored on Steam Cloud servers (UE).

Note the notes (D1, D2, D3) that we use, since we will refer a lot in the future.

When you start the game for the first time, D1 is automatically created.After finishing the game, the game data is updated on D1 and automatically copied to D2.After D2 is synchronized with D3, thus sending all the content of your game.

If your game starts from another computer for the first time, if Steam has D3 on its servers, but does not detect D2 on your computer, you will automatically download the data and copy D3 to D2.O Steam Cloud also automatically reduces the missing data when you start Steam.

In a nutshell, the most important data for us are D2.If we can manipulate them, we can successfully eliminate the data you want to delete.

Observation:Some games do not have D1 and keep their data directly in D2.Now, some games do not use D2 as a medium and send the data to the cloud directly from D1.

What are user data content?

In the Steam/Userdata directory, you must have a folder corresponding to your steamid (verify what yoursSteam identification isreading our article in this regard).After opening, the folders made for each game you play.They will be identified using your appid (Appid can be easily verified by visiting the game in the Steam store and extracting -the url).From the game, you will find two entities.

  • remotecache.vdf:This file describes all the properties of the files contained in the remote folder.
  • Remote controlpasta.This contains all the files that are synchronized with your Steam Cloud server.

Eliminate cloud data

In this method, we will follow two important steps.First, we will show Steam Cloud's conflict notification and then eliminate the cloud files.

Keep in mind that you would have to follow these steps from the game per game to eliminateallof the content of the steam cloud.

First, we need to eliminate the Appid folder from its Steam directory.After restarting the computer and Steam, Steam will automatically recreate the folder.We need to execute this step to make sure that Steam's cloud works perfectly and we can continue with the exclusion role.

  1. Open yoursSteam directory.The standard location for steam installation is
    C: \ Program files (X86) \ Steam
  2. Look for a folderApplymiDeleteThen, restart the computer and steam.A game starts for a few minutes.Keep an internet connection in operation.
  3. Navigate to the Steam directory and make sure the Appid folder is back.If so, it is confirmed that your steam cloud works perfectly and we can continue with the method.

Bring conflict dialogue in Steam Cloud

The first part of the solution is probably the most difficult.Exclude all Steam cloud data, it is necessary to bring the conflict dialogue.It is not possible to exclude the data present in your cloud.The Steam cloud conflict occurs when the cloud differs from the data present on their hard drive.

There are two methods to provoke this conflict:

Method 1:

  1. Make sure that yourThe steam cloud is activatedFollowing the steps mentioned above.Steam skirtCompletely, ending all the processes that begin with steamclientBotstrapper using theTASK MANAGER.
  2. Now you will change all the files in your place
    Steam \ UserData \ Steamid \ Appid \ Remote

The objective is to ensure that all files are different from those sent to the Steam cloud.We cannot simply remove the files from this location, since Steam will automatically notice that the files are absent and we will reduce them on the cloud servers.We can do our homework that corrupts them and makes them 0 bytes files.

  1. To browse
    Steam \ UserData \ Steamid \ Appid \ Remote
  2. NowKeep change and right clickIn your remote folder.Select the option "Open Powershell window here".
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  3. You can also open Powershell when you are in the folder by clicking on the file option present on the upper left side of the screen and selecting "Open Windows Powershell as Administrator".
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (7)
  4. After Powershell opened, write the exact text written below
CLC - Route "C: \ Program files (X86) \ Steam \ Userdata \ Steamid \ Appid \ Remote \*"

And youfailTo write the correct code, you will receive an error like this

How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (8)

And youcorrectEnter the line there will be no confirmatory message and you will receive a window like this.

How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (9)

Start your steam and there will be the conflict windows present in your client's vapor.

Method 2:

This is an easy method compared to the previous one, but it is not so efficient.

  1. Open your client's vapor.Open yourSettingsPressing the Steam button present in the upper left corner of the window and selecting the option.
  2. Open the cloud tab presentation on the left side of the screen.Deactivatethe option "Activate Steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit it".
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (10)
  3. Now navigate the flow directory, as did before andDelete all filespresent in the folderApply.The Archive Route for Elimination is
    Steam \ UserData \ Steamid \ Appid.
  4. Now start the game to create new and different files in the file location.
  5. Leave the game and cook completely, finishing all the steam processes in the task administrator (end of SteamclientBotstrapper first).
  6. Now eliminate the remotecache.vdf file present on the site
    Steam \ UserData \ Steamid \ Appid
  7. Start your steam.
  8. Go to the clientSettingsmiCloud enable.

Now a vapor conflict dialog will arise and we can continue with the remaining method.

Remove files in the cloud

After the cloud conflict error is ready, do not click on any option and follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the next file of the file
    Steam \ UserData \ Steamid \ Appid

    and eliminate all files in it.There will be two files (remote folder and rowing.vdf).

    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (11)
  2. Now return to the conflict window and select the option of "Steam"Now, Steam synchronizes your Appid folder, while there will be nothing in it and the previous data in your Steam cloud will be eliminated.
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (12)
  3. Now the game will start automaticallybutYou will create new files that will be synchronized with your Steam cloud when closing it.We can prevent this from pressingALT + PERDA.This will open the windows open on the screen.Select the Steam customer from the Windows list.
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (13)
  4. When you are in the Steam client, open the client settings.deactivateThe line that allows the cloud.
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (14)
  5. Now return to the game and skirt.The file is never synchronized with its Steam cloud.
  6. Steam skirt anddeleteOPasta appAs we did before.

How to make sure it worked?

Remember how we find at the beginning of this method if Steam's cloud was running, excluding the Appid folder and verifying if it was done again.If there is no file present in Steam Cloud, there will not be a file downloaded on your computer.

  1. Enable the steam cloudAs we did in the guide.
  2. Steam skirtCompletely using the task administrator.
  3. Delete the Appid folder(If you didn't do it in step 2).
  4. Now verify D3 (these are files in the cloud) andcompareThey with D2 (local files on their computer).If there is nothing in D3, there will be nothing in D2!
  5. Verify the following directoryVapor \ userData \ Steamid

Nothing newApplyThe folder would have been created.

You can also verify by registering Steam on another computer and verifying if the files are.

If you arrive here without problems, you successfully eliminated all the files in your Cloud Steam.

How to exclude OS X's keeping cloud

The above procedures can also be replicated in OS X and olderMacsIn a small extension.If the steps below, you can exclude your local defenses.Can disable theSteam cloud synchronizationFrom the Steam application, start a new game and create some new defenses.Then, when you reactivate theSteam cloud synchronizationResources, the client will ask what defenses wishes to use.You can choose the new ones that will exclude and replace their old bailouts in the cloud.

To clarify things, here is a step -by -step guide throughout the thing:

  1. Open your Steam application and go toSteam> Configurationthrough the tape at the top of the window.
  2. In the configuration menu, clickCloudguide and uncheck the associated box withEnable Steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit it.
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (15)
  3. Close the steam completely and open its application.
  4. GonnaLibrary> Application Support> Steam> Steamapps> Commonand open the folder of any game that wishes to delete rescue files.
  5. Then open the save folder to reveal the game defenses.
    Note: If the place specified above does not take it to the Save files, try the following locations, but remember the reserved spaces:
    Users / * your username * / library / Application support / * game folder * / game documents / * game * / gamesavesusers / * your utername * / library / steam / userdata / * gamennumber * / remoteuse / * your nameof user * / library / / library / containers / * game folder * / data / library / application support / * game * / gamedocuments / * game * / Gamesaves
  6. After being able to identify and exclude local game defenses, you are segmental, open the game and create some new defenses.
  7. Get out of the game, open to Steam and return toSteam> Configuration> Cloud.In the Cloud tab, the selection box reactive next toActivate steam cloud synchronizationFor applications that admit it and clickOKBelow button.
  8. Steam will ask if you want to use newly created local defenses or those already in the cloud.Steam cloud.
    How to exclude the cloud of the stored steam (16)

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