Step -for -step -tutorial to remove the steam clouds (2023)

If Steam has long used to synchronize the activated Steam cloud, there may be many unwanted files and copies that you need to eliminate to release some space for new games.If you don't know how to eliminate steam cloud economies, you can read this tutorial provided byMinitool Partition Assistant.

Cloud services are popular storage solutions today.

Steam, one of the best game platforms, offers aCloud, also.Proper an easy way to save your game data (including game setting, saved games, profile status and other user -specific bits) on a remote storage system.This data will persist in an account independent of the machine in which it is registered.Therefore, this is particularly useful when the computer changes.

To activate it to a particular game, you just need to go toLIBRARYand right -click in the destination game and selectproperties.Then select theUpdatesGuide and VerificationActivate steam cloud synchronization toThe game under theSteam cloudsection.

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If Steam Cloud has used for months or even years, there may be many old backup files or no longer useful copies.In this case, they can eliminate them to release some space for new games.

How to eliminate steam cloud economies?Here is the tutorial.

To eliminate the steam cloud economy, you must make four movements.First, be sure to allow the function of the steam cloud.Second, eliminate the Steam Appid folder.Third, activate the cloud conflict.Finally, delete the cloud stored files.For more detailed information, see the steps below.


Before running any of these methods on how to delete the Steam Cloud economy, make sure to back up the game.To make a backup, just follow the guide in this publication:Steam backup files through Steam Backup/Manally/Magic Tool.

Move 1: Check that the steam cloud is activated

Paso 1: Open the steam and clickVaporbutton in the upper left corner.Then selectsettings.

Paso 2: Give a clickCloudguide and check that the optionActivate steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit itIt was verified.

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Paso 3: OrLIBRARYAnd make sure Steam's cloud function has also been activated for your game.You need to right -click on your game and select properties.Then click onTO UPDATEGuide and VerificationActivate steam cloud synchronizationto the game.

If both options are activated, it indicates that the game was supported in the Steam cloud.Then you can continue to eliminate steam defenses.

MOVA 2: Delete the Appid folder

The second movement to eliminate the cloud of saved vapor is to eliminate the Steam Appid folder.

Paso 1: You need to openFile browserand navigate toVapor>User dataDirectory (the folder where the steam is installed).There must be a folder corresponding to yourVapor identification.Abra the Steam ID folder and you can find some folders for each game identified with APPID.

Advice:You can consult the Appid visiting the game in Steam Store and extracting from the URL.

Paso 2: Look for theApplyFolder corresponding to the destination game and eliminate it.restart your computer, Like this,Steam, yLaunch the game involved.

When you go steam login with your account and start the game, the folder that eliminated at the same time would occur automatically again.CONSULTS THAT IN THE APPID FOLDER., You can move to move 3.

MOVA 3: Activate the vapor cloud conflict dialogue

Paso 1: Make sure the vapor and related processes are completely closed in the task administrator.

Paso 2: OrVapor>User data>Vapor identification>Apply>remote.(Not all games have remote folders. If your game doesn't have it either, you should look for it on the internet to see if an official player or people have indicated it).


The album Elysium does not have a remote folder, your data always remains in this place:C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Locallow \ Zaum Studio \ Disco Elysium.You can delete your data here.If you want to delete your game data, you can load the inTo save.Around the cornerCharge, dataRemove selected.

Paso 3: Keep the change and right click on theremoteFolder.SelectOpen PowerShell window here.

Step -for -step -tutorial to remove the steam clouds (3)

Stage 4: Enter the next command line at PowerShell and press Enter to execute it.Then you will find out that all files in the remote folder become 0 bytes.

CLC - Path "C: Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ Userdata \ Steamid \ Appid \ Remote \*"

Advice:Replace the content after the "route" with the absolute route of your remote folder and make sure the command you write is correct.Otherwise, you will receive error messages.

Vapor 5: Start Steam and your game, and you will receive the Steam Cloud conflict window.Do not click on any option and simply go to the next movement.

MOVA 4: Remove stored cloud files

Paso 1: Again, go toVapor>User data>Vapor identification>ApplyAnd then exclude theremotepasta eremotecache.vdfArchive in it.

Paso 2: Return to the steam cloud conflict window and selectVapor.Then Steam will synchronize your Appid folder, where you don't include anything.Therefore, the previous data in your steam cloud will be eliminated.

Paso 3: The destination game will start automatically after step 2. You should pay attention to new files will synchronized with the steam cloud when the game closes.Therefore, the steam cloud function should disable.alternative+ +CiliumTo return to the application of steam.Then browsesettings>Cloudand uncheckActivate steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit it.

Stage 4: Close the game and leave the steam.Then exclude theApplyfolder again.

MOVA 5: Replacing the contents of Steam's cloud with local files

Paso 1:Start steam and make sure you download all the cloud economies from the respective APPID game folder.

Paso 2:SteamOffline.

Paso 3:Open theAppid Games FolderAgain and delete all saved files or delete all the saved you want to maintain.

Stage 4:Launched the game and then close the game.

Paso 5:RelieveOnline way.

Paso 6:Browse to the game library page and should see a state of file conflict.Then click onConflict stateand choose local files to cancel what is in the cloud.

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Other methods

If none of the previous steps help eliminate cloud economies, you can try the two methods listed below. They can work for you.They are:

Method 1. by configuring the steam cloud

  1. Spear vapor.
  2. Right -click the game you want to delete your economies in the cloud.
  3. Select thepropertiesoption and then go toIn general
  4. Then uncheck theKeep Steam cloud rescuesOption, this will eliminate any remaining guard to save the file to the cloud.

Method 2. Delete data saved in the installation folder

  1. Spear vapor.
  2. Clique noVaporguide in the upper right corner and then selectsettingsDo menu.
  3. Clique noCloudguide and uncheck theActivate steam cloud synchronization for applications that admit it
  5. OrLIBRARY>CasaAnd then right click on the game you want to eliminate your economies in the cloud.
  6. Choose theproperties
  7. Ve a laLocal filesguide and then click onTo browse
  8. Explore the folder where the game is saved and then select and remove thePARTIES SAVED
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