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Are there people who need to meet or people who feel at home when they are close to you?

The same people can occasionally leave them crazy or even contribute to their wounds of transformation.These are people with whom they have a strong connection of the soul - or what we usually call itSoulmate.


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Two people who are soul mates have the feeling that they are connected to a soul levelsignificantorextraordinaryAbsent.

It is the feeling that your link exceeds the earth's level, the practical details of your relationship, such as colleagues or lovers and that they are much more gathered or in the game.

You may have the feeling that you met in a past life or that your souls agreed to meet now before this life.

Put your gut back

"When I hear that someone uses the word 'soul mate', it often seems to mean exclusivity," "Tess Whitehurst, Spiritual teacher and bestseller author, says MBG.Whitehurst has the feeling that we have many soul colleagues.And since we are all part of a common humanity or spiritual consciousness, we are all connected to a soul level.

How do you recognize a soul mate?Let's see different types - definitely remember to overlap.

Definition: Soul Twin

A soul mate is when two people feel they are connected to an axis level at a soul level.


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Soul partner

There are certain souls with which they agreed in this life - the most common type of soul mate.They may have agreed to be the best friends to be in -Law, children or start a business together.Being together with someone you know exactly for a lifetime, like a beloved brother, or someone you are unlikely to know for a short time - like an influential person in your industry that offers a great chance in your career.

Soul partners should help you specifically support it emotionally, professionally or other ways in this life you need to achieve and experience what your soul wanted to do here on Earth.

None of us can make this life alone, and the partnerships of the soul remind us how beautiful, masterful and intrusive, our lives are intertwined.


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Selly Boards

If you feel a binding soul, it is simply the feeling that a different soul is in your life for a certain reason, for example, if your life is very busy, but you reach a new potential friend or potential business partner,The feeling that you have a binding soul to this person, inspiring -to create space in your life for the relationship.

You may not be in the market of a pet, but when a friend says he has to give up his pet because she has to move unexpectedly abroadBright shouts or feelings, psychological pathIt could give them the feeling that they have a soul linked to this animal and is the right thing for both of them.


Comrades of the soul of past life

Many oriental religions and philosophies discuss the concept ofpast lifeI can always see when a client hit someone he knew well in a past life, describing the connection.If the connection manifests itself as romanticism, you could say, "I never felt that way!"

If two souls have shared an important life together (or perhaps several), they cannot meet in this life - and theSexual chemistryIt can be from the graphics.

What people feel is the energy built together in another life and a soul recognition.Brian Weiss, M.D., Psychiatrist and regression expert in the past, two souls could agree with Inzelate again and sail to each other after 1,000 lands, which is quite romantic!

Just because they have had an important life in the past with someone and feel that all feelings do not necessarily mean that they must work in this romantic life or other ways.Treat.

If you suspect a connection between the previous life with a current lover, try to cure the situation more, even if you separate.This may seem that you are published with love and want it good, but from your life .Foft, when souls come back together in this life, they want to heal something this time or do better.

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Karmic rare grand

Soul Karmic colleagues are sometimes called "demolition ball colleagues," but instead of thinking about itKarmaLike good or bad - or a punishment and reward system - remember only a neutral energy of cause and effect.

Earth level is a dimension of cause and effect.We createdKarmaWith other people all the time through small and significant interactions.temerBut something you have to remember.

Karmic relationshipsIt can enter our lives as a means of change, which - through positive, negative or neutral interactions - and instruments or invitations to improve our karma (while we work in our lives and our lives) so that we can grow and develop itAlso, thisthe appleHe yearns for new experiences, growth and evolution.


Romantic soul colleagues

After giving customers thousands of intuitive readings around the world, there are some things I know for sure, as Oprah would say.Romantic relationshipOr fall in love, there is a way of working with this person.

Which is not only possible, but also clearly that we have the opportunity to heal, learn and grow due to the relationship.Challenge an uncomfortable way.If two souls enter a romantic relationship, they also enter a classroom together.

I had a lot of customers who knew their ideal partner and said, "I have a feeling of waiting for my whole life to know this person."It is always worth expecting you to live in life in love with work, a great romantic relationship to believe and get help to cure these romantic wounds from the past.

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Twin flames

This popular term describes an intensive connection of the soul, and some people believe that the twin flames are actually a soul that was divided into two bodies.

According to the theory,Twin flamesYou can love, challenge, challenge, and cure in a unique and powerful way, but Whitehurst warns that you feel you need someone else to complete them.Remember that there may be a dark side, people to fit into a particular category in your life, including a spiritual category.

While some believe that the twin flame is the best romantic experience, remember that every relationship you enter with someone else - romantic or other ways - to help you achieve more lighting.

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Colleagues who accompany, also known as friends of the soul

Not all soul colleagues are romantic.Soul -related friends - can be equally important in their lives.The Journey - Like all the characters in an epic story or legend, seek the companions on the way.

Imagine as spiritual friends, the people who intended to be on their way so that both, in turn, can give love and encouragement if they are necessary to continue their friends from the odyssey of the soul.

Regardless of whether you are in your long run or just a few months, soulmates are needed.

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Soul families and soul groups

Large groups of souls may be associated with families of the soul.This life can act as real family members, as a cousin who is not only part of his earthly family, but also his family of souls, or as people who work in ordinary goals, who never meet as activists from around the world thatThey work for similar work or spiritual seekers who work to bring more love and awareness to the planet., as a pattern of dependence, abuse or disease.


Como -Mined

Como -MinedThey are not always soul colleagues, but they can be sure.Used ghosts are simply people who really understand you.They could have the feeling that a related spirit is someone who shares the same spiritual beliefs that they can do with them on cultural issues for them to end the other sentences.

A related spirit can also be someone who has a similar life experience for theirs - as both are elementary school teachers, they have both newborns and both are married to workers.Or you.



Intuitive and spiritual teacherRobert OhottoIt describes soul contracts as agreements you have concluded at a soul level to do certain things in this life.In any case, you have a soul contract to take care of a specific child or write a particular book.These contracts can be renegotiated. Therefore, if you are in a toxic situation, leave the dynamics in a healthier, but if you feel you have a soul contract to do something challenging, for example, b.Start your own business, you can give you inspiration and resistance to go through the difficult times of this trip.If you know if you have a soul contract with something or someone in your life, it is about learning your followingIntuition.


Soul teacher

A healer or mentor can come to your life through divine time, because you are a soul mate teacher.They can better manage your fear.

Sometimes a soul mate seems to teach them challenging them, doing something different from what he recommends and teaching him the value of thinking for himself.Papers - a student and teacher - whether we recognize them at the time or not.


Soul crossings

Have you heard the cliché "Ships passing at night"?It is a phrase used to describe someone who comes to your life, but time and circumstances are not conducive to a long -term relationship.This phenomenon can happen to friends, lovers or colleagues if they are gathered for a short time and share amazing experiences and awakening.

Even if someone does not stay in your life for a long time - like a freelancer who works in your company for nine months, to whom you get close, until it goes to the other side of the country, or a lover you will follow in a retreat, and four months later, they pass tragically - it's still a soul mate.

In the case of the friend, both always appreciate their time together and the lessons they have learned, but their lives are too busy to maintain friendship in a significant way.

In the case of the lover who diedGhost leaderSoul transitions teach us not to evaluate the importance or depth of a soul mate after the duration of the relationship.

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