What is a twin soul and how you know if you have found yours? (2023)

The idea of meeting your soulmate is the glorious material ofRomantic comedies-And apparently real life, common people too.

What is a soulmate?

According to Dr. Michael Tobin, a twin soul is someone with whom you feel deeply connected, but not in a dependent or necessary way.The governing principle in a relationship between twin souls is that the needs are also met, because a relationship of twin soul must challenge it from selfishness to donation.

"It is the perception that this person who shares his life is part of himself," says Michael Tobin, a family and conjugal psychologist."A twin soul is an individual who has a durable impact on his life. Travel in the life trip: they need each other to grow beyond the limitations of their individual being."

Know the expert

The doctor. Michael Tobin is a family and marriage psychologist with more than 40 years of experience.He is the author of a book of memories,Mount the edge: my love song for Deborah and founder ofThe whole family.com.

How to know that you met your soulmate

If you wonder if you met your soulmate, or is it currently your onlyFiestaDr. Tobin has optimistic news for you: “I think everyoneI couldDiscover your soulmate.However, to find their twin soul, you must first understand that human beings should not be alone and that the objective of a relationship is not only that our individual needs are, but as a challenge to grow, and help ourpartners reach the potential. "

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As for when you can find your particular person, Dr. Tobin says That there is no perfect age or life stage to discover your soulmate, and this is exciting news.“I know a 74 -year -old woman who reconnected with her call from high school after a 56 -year separation.She calls the soulmate.They should be together during the last years of their lives. "

Maybe he wondered if he met his soulmate on vacation, a subway or rain stop when a stranger invited him to share a guard -chuva, but did not realize at that time."Everything in life is in time. I think it is a matter of self -knowledge. When you understand that a relationship is not about control or the simple need for achievements, but it is essential for our psychological and spiritual development, it is open to the possibility ofKnow your soulmate. "

If you are curious about what to feel that you have experienced an experience of ships at night, Dr. Tobin suggests hugging it because it can really have been what he says is known as a "passage of the soul."He explains that this is a brief encounter with someone who approaches us and has a lasting impact on the direction we choose in life.

Knowing or understanding the signs that you have met your soulmate is interesting in itself, because there is not only a generic type of twin soul.Most people equate the term "soulmate" with romantic love.Know if one found one.

Tymel soul types

Not all souls are things in the romance of a lifetime.Here are six different types of search in your own life.

Romantic souls

"Romantic souls light together with time together," explains Dr. Tobin."They have the ability to bring between them to heights of physical and emotional pleasure."However, we have all experienced ruptures, even if we were with someone who reached hot and heavy notes.PassionIt can be a brief flame that burns and then extinguished.For these rare romantic twin souls, the flame burns continuously because both are committed to keeping the fire enlightened all the time. "

Partners of the soul

It has been years since you connected with a friend of elementary school, but when you do, you just click?"A soulmate is that person you have not seen for years and, when you meet, you feel that time and separation have no influence on the depth of the connection," explains Dr.a Bin.

Karmic souls

You know you met a karmic twin of the soul when you are synchronized for ordinary purposes. "You are here together to make a difference in the world, and your abilities complement each other: they are idealcoupleTo fulfill a shared mission. This type of relationship does not require love or intimacy, and instead depends on presenting the best to achieve something that matters.

Soul Company

This is Yin for your Yang, peanut butter in your jam, which you take.“Friends are an essential part of our life trip, and the type of soulmate helps us laugh when we are sore, we nurture when we are suffering, flow to us when we are high, we challenge ourselves to be real, we love each other withOur warts and we never abandoned ourselves.And we do the same with them. "

Gentile collars of soul

You know you have found a twin soul when you agree with all small and large things.“You love the same things;laugh at the same jokes;Agree and disagree with love and affection;Compete with enthusiasm, but without bitterness or jealousy.They share the same trip to truth and love, ”says Tobin.

Soul contracts

This is an interesting guy of twin soul, because it is when two people are linked by a common commitment to tell the truth,be emotionally open with each other, have errors and be authentic.A contract of the soul may seem like a couple, where a spouse cheated, but they are together, not for children or appearances, but because there is a deep law of attraction in gathering them all their lives.

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Signs that you found your soulmate

The signs that you have met your soulmate are a bit infinite and can cancel the different types of soulmate that you find in your life. The important truth about relationships is that you need to create love and nurture the connections of the soulmate."Love is not given to us because we believe we deserve it. We will work to be loving and then we will receive love in return."

They give you a feeling of calm and storm

He also says that a sense of calm and storm is an indicator light."Sometimes a twin soul is here to shakeComplacency, challenge us to think and act differently, to grow beyond our comfort areas.This is never soft and peaceful.However, with the same twin soul, there will be and there will be moments of exquisite connection, serenity and harmony. "

You feel the pain of each other

Another sign that you have known your departure is the way it reacts to your pain."Tobin says.

As a final note, "twin souls can be like two threads of spaghetti so that they do not know where it begins and the other ends," says Dr.They expire.The good news is that we can all experience a connection of twin soul at some point in our lives.

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